Parent Testimonial:

“If you’re looking for a warm, caring and supportive place for your child(ren) to learn and grow Willows is it. The staff is truly one of a kind that care deeply about the children they teach. All three of my kids have gone through their program and I strongly believe they are ahead of the curve when it comes to emotional intelligence, creativity and education because of Willows. Bonus points for also including breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks a day with tuition cost. Lastly, this is a safe and clean learning environment that I would recommend to anyone in the area. Thank you for all you’ve done to support the growth and development of my children!” – Sam K.

Parent Resources:

Parental Involvement Critical to Success

Parent involvement is important. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year in the spring and the fall. Parents are encouraged to speak with teachers and/or Willows Director at any time regarding questions, concerns and suggestions.

Several planned activities provide an opportunity for parents to be actively involved. Activities range from field trip chaperones to attending our annual summer picnic. Willows encourages Parents, Grandparents and other extended Family to share their personal interest (i.e., storytelling, music, painting, singing, sports, ect.) with the children. 

    Quality Child Care Checklist:

    Choosing the proper childcare is an important decision, take your time and compare centers, make sure you choose the perfect fit for your family. Also, switching childcare arrangements is confusing and disruptive to a child. Five things to look for when choosing a child care:

    • Health, safety and good hygiene.
    • Safe physical setting and well-maintained environment.
    • Well-balanced nutritional diet.
    • Suitable number of highly skilled staff who are sensitive and responsive to children.
    • Accreditation / YoungStar Rating

    For more information visit Wisconsin Department of Children and Families website.

    Quality Early Care Providers:

    A highly-qualified early childhood educator–one who knows how to create a dynamic, accountable learning environment– is at the center of a high-quality early learning experience. Research has shown that children who attend high-quality preschool are better prepared to be successful in school and in their future careers. Quality indicators include:

    • Respectful to children and co-workers
    • Trained in early childhood with a Bachelor or Associate Degree
    • Continued annual education and training in CPR and First Aid
    • Maintaining proper child to teacher ratios
    • Friendly and open to new families
    • Genuinely enjoying working with children
    • Using positive guidance techniques
    • Interactions at the child’s level

    Child Care Environment Checklist:

    • How does it smell (clean and fresh)?
    • Does it sound happy (no shouting or excessive crying)?
    • Do the children seem to be having fun and enjoying the center?
    • Is diversity respected in pictures on the wall and toys?
    • Are toys easily accessible to the children and in good condition?
    • Is proper hand washing procedure used?
    • Are daily schedules posted?
    • Are there different areas in the rooms for different activities?
    • Is indoor and outdoor play equipment in good condition?
    • Is the building temperature comfortable for the children?
    • Any visible potential hazards?
      Evacuation information posted (fire/tornado)?
    • License posted with any violations
    • Are bathrooms clean and easily accessible to children?
    • Emergency numbers posted?

    Family Engagement Standards

    Association for Early Learning Leaders – to see the full list of Family Engagement Standards, CLICK HERE.

    B4. The program has methods for communicating important information to parents on a regular basis.

    B6. The director and teachers work cooperatively with parents regarding decisions about the child’s successful experience in group care.

    B8. The program provides parents with opportunities to better understand children’s growth and development and effective strategies for learning.

    Willows Exceptional Quality

    • NAC Accredited with a 5-Star YoungStar Quality Rating
    • Teachers have Bachelor/Associate Degrees and receive 30 hours annually of on-going Education/Training.
    • Quarterly Parent Board Meetings Facilitate Communications and Foster Positive Relationships.
    • Non-Profit 501(c)(3) FIN: 39-1758911

    Willows Exceptional Care

    • Quality Child Care is our Career
    • Meals and Snacks are prepared on site and meet standards in the USDA Food Program
    • Teachers have 100+ years of Experience in Child Care
    • Curriculum is Developmentally Appropriate
    • Kindergarten Readiness Skills are Stressed

    Contact Us

    For more Information concerning Enrollment or Prices, please contact us at:
    Hours of Operation: 6:00am - 5:30pm
    Monday - Friday
    Ages Served: 6 weeks - 13 years